Dedicated to Triathlon Fitness

TriZone Fitness is a training regime that incorporates elements of running, swimming and cycling to help you become fitter and healthier. We offer weekly classes and professional coaching, soon to be available at our new triathlon focussed gym, based in South Wales.


TriZone Community

Our annual membership provides you with access to our social runs and rides.

TriZone Training

Take your fitness to the next level with our weekly triathlon inspired training sessions.

TriZone Performance

Professional coaching from qualified experts to take your performance to the next level.

TriZone Fitness Gym

Our gym, to be one of the biggest triathlon focussed gyms in Wales, will contain state of the art equipment, be the home to weekly training classes and professional coaches.

Professional Coaching

Specialist Equipment

Personalised Training

Weekly Classes

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We are a community that love to Tri!

Join our TriZone Community today for a fun and social way to train.